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Patricia Escudero Rotman, Ph. D., LCSW, Clinical Psychologist (Arg.)

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 Telephone and/or Video Conferencing Sessions (Skype)

Telephone and/or Video Conferencing sessions are a good alternative for treatment when an experienced, well trained professional is not available in your geographical area. Additionally, many patients whose jobs require extensive travelling have found this treatment modality to be their only chance of maintaining continuity in their therapies.

It is not the ideal way of doing therapy but sometimes “ideal” situations are not feasible for all people who are interested in working towards feeling better. Dr. Rotman’s flexibility and creativity are conducive to adapting her clinical expertise to the “logistical challenges” that many patients’ jobs and life circumstances present.

The use of video conferencing that includes a webcam allows therapist and patient to have a “good enough” human connection and communication that makes therapy possible. Telephone and/or video conferencing sessions are not recommended as the only treatment modality if the patient is severely depressed and/or is going through an acute crisis.

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