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Patricia Escudero Rotman, Ph. D., LCSW, Clinical Psychologist (Arg.)

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is the standard treatment modality to help people to overcome most clinical conditions (e.g. Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders) as well as personality disorders. It is the clinical modality of choice when the person is going through a severe crisis and may not be ready to only participate in group therapy. It is highly advisable to integrate individual sessions with a group approach when the person presents social anxiety, depression, interpersonal problems and social isolation.

Individual psychotherapy sessions offer the possibility of having a safe, warm relationship with a caring and highly trained psychotherapist who can not only listen to your problems but also offer some concrete changes in a sometimes relatively short time. During these sessions you will learn some effective cognitive behavioral techniques as well as be invited to participate in proven experiential exercises (Schema Therapy) that have helped hundreds of patients in the past.

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Topic: Anxiety Disorders


New York Licensed Psychotherapist

Assistant Clinical Professor.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

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Schema Therapy.

Cross-Cultural Psychology