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Patricia Escudero Rotman, Ph. D., LCSW, Clinical Psychologist (Arg.)

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Are you Depressed?

You may be wondering if you are depressed…You may have been suffering for such a long time that sometimes you think this is “who you are”… You may have constant fatigue and sadness, sleep problems, and trouble concentrating. You may be feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. You may feel worthless or a failure. You may be telling yourself that you should not need professional help, that therapy is for weak people only…

Causes of Depression

• Inaccurate thoughts about past or current situations
• Multiple and overwhelming stressors in your life
• Self-defeating behavior
• Genetic and biological factors
• Family background

How I treat Depression:

I can help you to identify what is making you feel depressed. We will start by doing a thorough assessment of your symptoms and problems using a battery of self report questionnaires and tests. We will work together to find more effective ways to think and address your present situation.

You will learn many techniques that you can use when you feel “down”. I will ask you to choose your goals for therapy. We will assess your progress on a regular basis to see if we should change directions by using new interventions.

Sometimes, I may recommend the use of medication and could refer you to a reputable psychiatrist. We would work together as a team to better help you to overcome your depression and begin enjoying your life. You will be the one, however, to decide if you prefer to follow this route or try therapy without medication first.

My patients usually feel better much earlier than they would have imagined. They frequently say: “I wished I had come to therapy a long time ago…”

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  • Depression Treatment

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