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Patricia Escudero Rotman, Ph. D., LCSW, Clinical Psychologist (Arg.)

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International Patients

Dr. Patricia Escudero Rotman specializes in helping foreign born patients as well as patients whose families were raised in a different country. Her international experience, command of languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese), as well as her extensive professional experience (over 25 years) make her a good choice for multicultural patients. Dr. Patricia was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina and lived and worked in Miami, Paris, Long Island, and New York City. She has resided in the United States since 1991 and is an American citizen.

Besides being a highly compassionate and competent clinician, Dr. Patricia can act as a good “cultural broker” who can help you to better understand and cope with the similarities and differences between your home and the American culture. You may choose to participate in an international oriented small therapy group that will further enhance your progress while providing you with a warm, safe and supportive environment.

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Topic: Anxiety Disorders


New York Licensed Psychotherapist

Assistant Clinical Professor.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Online Therapy. CBT.

Schema Therapy.

Cross-Cultural Psychology