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Group Therapy

Group therapy is an excellent treatment modality for patients who present clinical problems such as social anxiety, depression, chronic worry, interpersonal problems, social isolation, and substance abuse. It is very effective either alone or integrated to individual therapy. It is ideal that patients do individual and group therapy sessions with the same therapist. However, patients may also find benefits if they participate in a group while they continue with therapy with their existing psychotherapist.

You will find these ongoing weekly small groups to be a safe, warm, supportive social environment that will help you to attain our specific individualized personal and professional goals. These groups are especially beneficial for foreign born patients, people who have recently relocated to New York and/or are experiencing “culture clash”. You can choose to disclose as much as you feel comfortable with and follow your own pace. You can also give a group “a try” by only committing to participate in four sessions and then make a decision about continuing further with the group experience.

Group Therapy is also a highly financially affordable therapy option. An individual appointment is necessary to further discuss your potential participation in a group.



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